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Toggenburgs, Black Alpine Ibex Crosses, and Myotonic Crosses

We have added Toggenburg milk goats to our herd.  They have made great additions for helping to raise some of our boer goat kids.  They are gentle goats and produce lots of milk. 

We also have a group of goats that we are experimenting with.  These are the Myotonic goat, TUR/Black Alpine Ibex Cross goat and the Black Alpine Ibex goats.  We are crossing these with the boer goat.    It will be interesting to see what the changes these breeds bring.  We are in the beginning stages on this, but the kids are pretty cool.

This years doe kids out of Turbo and 1/2 Ibex/Boer Bucks

Myotonic Buck Kid

Tur/Black Alpine Ibex Buck "Turbo"  

Boer/Myo/Ibex cross buck kids